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The discovery of a mysterious sketch one night takes Eve into the void, where a hypnotic experience leads her to rediscover herself. Through the Eyes of Yves is an expressionist introspection into the moment where a spark of inspiration strikes.

The task for this assignment was to create a story-telling video proposal inspired by SAINT LAURENT & Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris.  During our research we were captivated by Yves Saint Laurent’s sketches. Yves’ calligraphic stroke, with its light and seemingly weightless properties, effortlessly flows from pen to paper. The lines, simple yet abundant, minimal yet sufficient, traced the iconic silhouettes that we still recognise today. These sketches; pieces of concise abstractions, were at the core of Yves Saint Laurent’s creative process and were the foundation of his timeless creations. Yves’ sketching seemed to us a dance in itself - and that very realization struck deeply into our imagination. 

The idea came to us to explore the moment; the very instant when inspiration strikes. We want to magnify that moment and express visually how that felt to us when we ourselves first got struck by the sketch. It felt as though we were seeing Through the eyes of Yves. 

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